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Chris is not afraid to be completely transparent and vulnerable in an effort to create space for others to do the same. As an artist Chris is versatile being able to rap, sing, write, and produce. You can hear him describe his past struggles on songs like “Scars”, “Ship in a bottle feat. Mia Hunt”, and “Another Loser feat. Angie Rose”.


Releases October 7, 2016
All Songs recorded at JahRock'n Productions
Engineered by Edgar "Edy Magic" Lagares
Assisted by TrapLord Sam
Additional recording by Foure on "Another Loser" 
Mixed By Edgar "Edy Magic" Lagares at JahRock'n Productions
Mastered By Kyren Monteiro at Engage Studios for JahRock'n Productions

A&R services by Edgar "Edy Magic" Lagares
Marketing Services By Nicholas Kockler and Trisha Bell
Project Management by Edgar "Edy Magic" Lagares and Trisha Bell
Executive Produced by JahRock'n Production and Chris Anthony